Red Rocks, Nevada (April 25-26, 2010)

Well, I finally took my first climbing trip to Red Rocks.  I've been eyeing it for years, and I had actually planned on climbing Cat in the Hat (5.6, 670') on my 30th birthday party weekend in Las Vegas with Jess.  But, high winds and a dust advisory closed Red Rocks, so we couldn't try the route.

This time, I found myself in Vegas for another birthday:  21 for my brother-in-law, Coleson Ruminer.  Devin Shunk and I took him out there to witness and enjoy the madness, and we figured we'd get some climbing in while we were at it.  

We ended up climbing Cat in the Hat on April 25th, and then we returned on the 26th for some shorter routes.  We stuck to the "Magic Bus" for these last few climbs.  Here are the pics.

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