Ski Day #100

During the 1999-2000 ski season, I attempted to ski over 100 days.  I got pretty close, but my ski accident (fractured pelvis) ended my season at Day 89.  Since then, I haven't come close.

This year (2009-2010 ski season), I wanted to get back in better shape by climbing the local ski hill (Pajarito Mountain, before work every day.  I again set the goal of reaching 100 days.

I got a ton of days in from January through mid-March, but then the skiing got much harder (ice)  and my travel schedule got much busier.  But, I continued getting in as many days as I could, mostly on the weekends.

Finally, by mid-May, I was on the cusp of reaching the elusive Century Club.  On Monday morning, May 17th, I woke up at 5am to climb the ski hill and click into ski.  After a nice hike and enjoyable descent, I celebrated my new membership in the elusive Century Club by completing my 100th day on skis.  Here are the pictures of the descent.

Copyright 2014, Ryan Maupin